Pancho Campo is a tremendously charismatic speaker, who has addressed large audiences of more than 3000 spectators, as well as smaller groups.

His great power of communication, extensive knowledge on the issues he speaks about, and an extraordinary professional and personal experience make him an exceptional speaker. Pancho is able to conduct presentations, both Spanish and English, in any of the following topics:

1. Stress Management and Motivation: This is a motivational speech based on his personal experience and in his 35 years working with world leaders, elite athletes and legendary artists on how to manage stress to achieve maximum performance. The list of celebrities includes personalities such as Andre Agassi, Stefan Edberg, Sting, Enrique Iglesias, Al Gore, Pink Floyd or Kofi Annan, among many others.

2. Sports leadership: The main theme of this presentation is everything that the corporate world can learn from top athletes and sports coaches. Pancho bases his speech on his experience as Olympic Captain in the Olympic Games of Barcelona 92, as coach of Davis Cup, coach in the ATP circuit and the experience gained working with celebrities from tennis, golf, basketball and soccer.

3. Climate change: Pancho has been a pioneer in raising awareness about climate change since he founded the I World Conference on Climate Change and Wine in 2006. He is a disciple of Vice President Al Gore, with whom he has worked on numerous occasions. He has also collaborated on this subject with Kofi Annan, Irina Bokova, Juan Verde and President Barack Obama. Pancho offers a very entertaining presentation that shows the public a completely different approach to climate change and how this phenomenon impacts sports, tourism, beaches and the daily life of each one of us.

4. Orange Economy - Orange Economy It is the set of activities that in a chained way allow ideas to be transformed into cultural goods and services, whose value is determined by their content of intellectual property, such as: music, architecture, performing arts, handicrafts, cinema, design, editorial, research and development, games, advertising, software, television, radio, gastronomy, among others. In this speech Pancho explains, with examples, what is Orange Economy and what he has learned in 30 years organizing concerts, sporting events, gastronomic summits, congresses and fairs.

All of Pancho´s speeches can be conducted in English and Spanish. His conferences and presentations are applicable to the world of business, management, sports and individual development as human beings.

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