Red Notice

Interpol deletes Pancho Campo from its database and recognizes his innocence

In January 2018, Interpol removed Francisco (Pancho) Campo Carrasco from its database and cancelled the Red Notice issued in 2005 at the request of the UAE for a complaint filed in Dubai by a former partner of Mr Campo in 1999.

The origin of the dispute with her former partner was a private matter of a commercial nature, which should never have been treated as a criminal case nor should it have caused the issuance of the Red Notice.

The annulment, now confirmed by Interpol, is the consequence of a request presented by Mr. Campo's attorneys in 2013 to demonstrate various irregularities committed in the process initiated against him, as well as the breach of Interpol regulations and international laws by the United Arab Emirates.

As has now been demonstrated, this Red Notice was issued for prosecution under the charge of "fraudulent conversion" in an irregular manner. Pancho Campo was sentenced "In Absentia" by the United Arab Emirates because he was never informed of the judicial hearing, despite the fact that the UAE knew his address in Spain. He was not given the right to legal assistance, to appeal the sentence and to be able to hold a new trial.

In this trial, in which Pancho was deprived of the right to de defended, he was never charged or sentenced for "misappropriation" or "fraudulent conversion", which is the charge for which he was accused.

The United Arab Emirates affirmed that Pancho Campo fled the country, when he actually moved his residence and returned to Spain, a fact that was duly notified to the authorities through the corresponding channels (presenting the proper documentation in the offices of the Spanish consulate in the UAE), as evidenced by the letter issued by the Embassy of Spain in Abu Dhabi. With that argument, the UAE issued the Red Notice that Interpol has now cancelled, recognizing that never absconded from any lawful obligations.

Despite the fact that the case has a proscription and that the punishment should have been dismissed after 15 years since the judgment was issued, this right was denied by the UAE, without any explanation given to the Commission for the Control of Interpol Files and without addressing the issue.

On January 5, 2018, the Office of Legal Affairs of the General Secretariat of Interpol issued a letter confirming that the Commission for the Control of Interpol Files (CCF) at its 102nd session held on October 24th to 27th had studied Mr. Campo´s case. The CCF decided to remove the name of Francisco (Pancho) Campo Carrasco from its database and cancel the Red Notice. This letter was accompanied by a detailed report issued by the Commission for the Control of Files of Interpol.

This report demonstrates Pancho Campo's innocence and exonerates him of all charges and accusations against him, especially of misappropriation and fraudulent conversion. It also confirms the lack of procedure by the United Arab Emirates, the inaccuracy of the data, the lack of criminal nature of the case and that Pancho was sentenced "In Absentia".

Pancho Campo is considering all legal actions to restore his name and reputation, and actions have been requested already from the European Court of Human Rights.